Anonymous asked:

Honestly,Zoe's really full of herself

fuckyeszoella answered:

i’ve held my tongue long enough, so expect a rant :) honestly it frustrates me more than anything when people say this and anything else about the way zoe “acts.” we see 10 minutes of her fucking day you can’t label a person based on 10 minutes out of the 1,440 minutes of a day. i hate when people say “she’s changed,” like obviously she’s changed she’s been doing this for 6 years! you can’t tell me you haven’t changed in 6 years! change is good, and personally i feel like she has handled her quickly rising fame very elegantly. i imagine if you told 2012 Zoe where she would be now she would have laughed right in your face. youtube EXPLODED and so did her fame (i mean she gained almost 3 million subscribers in a span of a year, that’s crazy).

she may not consider herself a “celebrity” but she gets articles written about her, she’s been on tv countless times, she’s won awards for her channel, and everything she does gets put under a microscope. she is watched by over 5 million people and that’s not including the media. i completely understand why she gets overwhelmed sometimes, because in her eyes she’s still doing what she loves and she just considers herself a normal person.

like i said i think she’s handled everything that’s happened to her these last few years beautifully. sure she breaks down and has bad days, but so does everyone else. i’d like to see how you’d handle her kind of fame and attention. you can’t tell me it wouldn’t change you and the way that you act towards certain things. people criticize her for everything she says and does and it drives me crazy because why do you watch her videos if you don’t like her? do you enjoy being hateful and rude towards people that are just doing what they enjoy?!

if i didn’t like someone the last thing i would do would be to come to a blog, that obviously likes the person a lot, and bash them right in their face. what are you trying to achieve here? are you wanting me to agree with you because i have no plans to do that. i don’t think zoe is “full of herself” i think she’s confident and happy and there’s nothing wrong with having a good self-esteem.

i’m in no way telling you what to do or what to believe. if you don’t like zoe, or anyone else for that matter, then that’s you’re choice, but don’t bring other people down with your negativity. if you don’t like someone’s videos then don’t watch them, AND DEFINITELY DON’T COMMENT HATE. it’s rude, and honestly, no one gives a fuck. ¯\_( ツ)_/¯